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What is Worthy Writing?


I have always loved words: written, spoken, and read. I vividly remember the days when I got my first library card, published my first poem in 5th grade, and taught my first college writing class. What I've learned from my love affair is that words are powerful. I've witnessed how they can change minds, create joy, and bring new ideas to the world.


The mission of Worthy Writing is to harness the power of words to help people succeed.


I've been writing professionally for over a decade, holding positions in human resources, higher education, and marketing and communications. I've been called a "word ninja" and am frequently asked to "do my magic" on the writing of others. This isn't just the result of a natural knack for writing - I'm professionally trained to write exceptionally well. I hold a B.A. and M.A. in English and achieved "all but dissertation" status on a Ph.D. in literature before choosing a career focused on helping others succeed.


We've never lived in a more word-filled world, so getting the right message to the right people is imperative if you want to succeed. I understand the challenges of creating relevant, timely, perfect resumes and content, and I'm here to help


Email me at to get your next writing project started.


Resume Writing

Marketing Communications

Content Marketing Strategy

Brand Voice

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