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Resume Services

Resume PLUS
  • New resume and cover letter

  • Extensive questionnaire and follow-up discussion to reveal your employment history, achievements, and value proposition

  • Plain text/ASCII formatted version for easy submission to online applications

  • Optimized with keywords, strong action verbs, and achievement statements

Resumes Built to Show Your Value and Fit

Your resume is a marketing tool that will likely be read by both hiring officials and computers. You need it to genuinely represent the value you add and your fit within the target company.


It includes elements like:

  • readability

  • keywords

  • achievement-driven statements

  • visually pleasing design

I deliver beautiful, easy-to-read ATS-friendly resumes that are grounded in research. First, I spend significant time getting to know you, your accomplishments, and your goals. Second, I scour job descriptions and company brands, messaging, and websites. Finally, I shape a resume narrative that clearly demonstrates (1) how you have helped companies succeed and (2) the ways in which you will solve problems at your target company.


If you're a C-Suite executive, an aspiring VP, or an experienced manager looking to move up, I can create a branded resume that gets noticed.


Samples and references available on request.

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