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Copywriting & Editing

Client: Roots Up


Project: Write all website copy


Strategy: Establish a brand voice of innovation and community engagement. Use a problem-solution approach to explain the mission and technical details of the growing system. Simplify previous language for non-technical audience.


Results: Testimonial from Roots Up co-founder, "You captured our work more eloquently and clearly than we've been able to. You brought our idea to life."


Copy excerpts: Roots Up Systems is a patented method for vertically growing pesticide-free leafy greens year-round. The System is engineered to produce high-yield, hyper-local food without the economic and environmental cost of traditional farming.


At Roots Up, we aspire to make both our food system and our community better for everyone. We provide local, fresh vegetables to our neighbors regardless of income. And, through partnerships with local organizations, we support their personal growth through workforce development training, educational opportunities, and connections to resources.

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